What Are Mamelons Teeth?

As your kid’s permanent tooth begins to emerge, something might not look right. If it appears dark, bumpy or large, you might be looking at a mamelons tooth.

What Are Mamelons?

Mamelons appear on the upper and lower incisors. These thin, straight teeth are used to tear food and biting into it. They are normal and often form when the enamel fuses together as the tooth develops under the gums. As the tooth pokes through the gums, the tiny serrations of the enamel are responsible for pushing the tooth through.

What Happens to Mamelons?

Mamelons don’t seem to stick around for long. Parents might notice them as the tooth first starts to come through the tissue. The tiny humps wear down over time as the child starting using their teeth to chew.

If the eruption is delayed for some reason, or the child faces an occlusion that causes the teeth not to grind the mamelons down naturally, then they might not wear away by adulthood.

What Can Be Done?

For some young children, having mamelons is a regular part of growing up. Eventually, they will wear down on their own without worry. Most dentists take a wait and see attitude, but there are times when intervention must occur. If the teeth begin to wear inconsistently or cause a bite problem, your dentist might consider orthodontic treatments. There’s also the chance that merely polishing the tooth might have a desirable effect.

As with all things related to children’s teeth, if there’s something you aren’t sure of, it’s good to give your dentist a call and discuss it. Looking into problems early is the key to giving your child a healthy future filled with bright smiles. Don’t ever be embarrassed to reach out for help from Family Dentist in Webster Groves, MO if something is occurring you aren’t sure of.

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