Webster Groves Dentist Discusses TMJ Treatment

We understand the toll that a TMJ disorder takes on your life. Between the inflammation on the jaw and pain across the face, it’s difficult to eat at times and becomes emotionally draining. That’s why there are many TMJ disorder treatments available. 
Relieving TMJ Disorder Symptoms
Through the comprehensive care your dentist offers, the pain and symptoms of TMJ are eliminated or reduced. With jaw pain being the most significant complaint, it’s essential to deal with concerns promptly. 
Other symptoms of TMJ include:
Ear pain
Jaw stiffness
Pain while chewing
Ringing in the ears
Clicking or popping while opening and closing the mouth
Oral Appliances
The most affordable and simple option is through oral appliances. They ease inflammation and other jaw symptoms. The dentist takes impressions of your teeth and the lab creates a custom device. This appliance serves a dual purpose: it keeps the teeth from touching so grinding can’t occur and it repositions the lower jaw to reduce pressure. This eliminates inflammation and allows your tissues the chance to heal.
Other Treatments
Some people choose to use advanced therapies. Newer innovations show success with customized plans that examine your facial tissues and bite more in-depth. A T-scan system shows where the bite has the most substantial amount of force and where the pressure is. 
Based on the symptoms and results, it’s simple to determine the right course of action for care. Sometimes, this involves cold laser stimulation; other times ultrasound therapy is best suited for pain relief. Some people find they feel better after just a few treatments. 
The biggest thing to remember is that there’s relief in store for anyone experiencing TMJ pain. You don’t need to suffer. Make an appointment with your Webster Groves dentist and get back on the path to pain-free living once again. 
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