Tips from our Pediatric Dentist in Webster Groves, MO

Brushing teeth properly and flossing every night is an essential component to living a healthy lifestyle, and that is especially important for kids. Children need to learn that taking care of their smile is so important because good habits are learned at a very young age. Kids can develop oral health issues early on in life if they do not take good care of their teeth, and these oral health issues can persist well into adulthood. Help make brushing fun for your child so they can better understand the benefits of caring for their smile. Check out these tips from our pediatric dentist in Webster Groves so that your child can have fun caring for their teeth and gums!
Get Some Fresh Tools
One way you can encourage your child to enjoy brushing their teeth is to get them some new tools. Take them to the store to pick out a soft-bristled toothbrush that they really love. You should also pick out a toothpaste that contains fluoride to provide necessary added strength to their enamel. 
2 Minute Dance Party
To thoroughly clean your smile, you are supposed to brush for two full minutes two times per day. Ideally, you should brush before breakfast and right before bed. Pick out a two-minute song that your kid will love and have a dance party! This can help teach them the correct timing for brushing their teeth. It is also a great way to bond with your child because you can do it together! 
Build a Routine
Daily routine is everything when it comes to your child's smile. You may want to let your child's dental health take a back seat after a really busy day or if you are on vacation, but you can't let it fall to the side. Building the habit of caring for your child's teeth and gums now will translate into great dental health as an adult, so you must prioritize a good dental care routine early on. 
Stay Up to Date on Dental Visits
Getting your child to their regular visits with our pediatric dentist in Webster Groves, MO every six months can really help keep their smile healthy. When your child understands that there is a goal to work towards, they are much more likely to commit to caring for their smile. They will feel so proud and accomplished when they hear that they did a good job caring for their smile! Our amazing team also creates such a fun and enjoyable environment, so your child may actually look forward to their regular dental visits.
To schedule your child's next dental visit, call our pediatric dentist in Webster Groves, MO to make an appointment. You can reach our office at (314) 962-2747 or fill out an appointment request form directly on our site. We look forward to seeing you and your child's smiling faces, so call today to schedule their check-up!
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