63119 Dentist Shares Important Facts About TMJ

It’s common for many people to suffer from pain in the jaw from time to time. When it is persistent, it could be related to the temporomandibular joints on the sides of the head. These joints are responsible for the movements of chewing and speaking. Here are some facts related to TMJ pain.
What is TMJ?
Temporomandibular disorder refers to TMJ and can apply to many conditions. It can be noticed when the jaw twists or during the open and closing. It can include these symptoms:
Neck aches
Jaw pain which becomes more noticeable as the day goes on
Difficulty closing or opening the mouth
Sensitive teeth
Pain in or around the ear
Jaw muscle tenderness
Popping or clicking noises when moving the jaw
Causes of TMJ
Several things can lead to TMJ. These include, but are not limited to:
A misaligned bite or issue with the way the teeth fit
Jaw injury or dislocation
Increased stress
Grinding or clenching the teeth
Physical activities that are strenuous
Diagnosing TMJ
There are no tests available to determine if a patient suffers from TMJ. Most times, your 63119 dentist needs to make a determination based on what symptoms are present at the time. Other dental issues can cause some of the same symptoms which makes it even more difficult to determine. The dentist can look at x-rays or cast your teeth. This will help them to see how your bite is fitting together.
If you find that you have TMJ, it’s good to know that many times the pain and irritation will go away on its own. There are also some steps you can take to reduce discomfort.
Reduce stress with meditation, exercise, massage or other methods
The dentist can provide conservative treatments
Wear a mouth guard at night to prevent grinding
If you are suffering from pain in the jaw area or mouth, you need to see your dentist for a consultation. Don’t attempt to diagnose this issue alone. Let a trained professional guide you so you can ensure superior oral health for many years to come. Call Dentistry at Watson and Elms today to schedule your consultation at (314) 962-2747.
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