Identifying Dental Plaque at Home

Plaque is that sticky substance which collects in between and around your teeth. It can be hard to find the plaque in your mouth in order to adequately clean it. There are at-home dental plaque tests that reveal to you troublesome areas so you know where to brush and floss.
Why is Plaque Removal so Important?
Plaque left to sit on the teeth leads to gum disease and tooth decay. Plaque is difficult to detect with the naked eye, so even when you think you’re brushing adequately, you could be missing this dangerous film.
Identifying Plaque at Home
There are two products to reveal plaque on your teeth at home. The first is a tablet that contains a special dye. Simply brush and floss your teeth as normal. Then chew one tablet while swishing your saliva around for about 30 seconds. Rinse your mouth and exam your teeth. Areas containing plaque will be stained so you know where to brush and floss.
After using the dye, your mouth might feel slightly dry. This is normal. In addition, the dye tends to stain your gums and cheeks a slight color. Use the tablets at night before bed and the color should disappear by morning. 
The other method you can try is a plaque light. You’ll use a special fluorescent mouthwash and rinse as normal with water. Then, examine your gums and teeth with the dedicated ultraviolet plaque light. Shine it around the mouth to identify areas of concern. They will show up as bright orange-yellow spots on the gums and teeth. This is where you’ll want to brush and floss again. The best part of this method is that there will be no staining left in the mouth afterward. That makes it possible for you to perform the test at any time of the day.
For more information regarding how to identify plaque on your teeth and keep them clean, contact your 63119 dentist for helpful tips and tricks. Keeping your teeth clean is an essential step toward having a healthy and white smile. Take your time each day to give your mouth the attention it deserves.
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