Protect Your Smile with Dental Crowns in Webster Groves MO

Has your smile been affected by severe dental decay or damage? Dental crowns can protect your smile from developing more serious oral health issues. Crowns act as caps that cover your natural teeth to provide an additional layer of protection. This technology can be used to repair damaged teeth, protect weakened enamel, or even to improve the appearance of teeth. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits and uses of dental crowns in Webster Groves, MO.
Dental crowns in Webster Groves MO can be made of either metal alloy or porcelain. Metal alloy crowns are typically only used for molars and teeth that are not highly visible. This type of crown is incredibly strong but it can be unsightly for some patients. Porcelain crowns are a better option for any teeth that are visible and in the front of the mouth. This type of crown is the most common because it provides a natural looking restoration. Our dentist recommends porcelain crowns to anyone who is looking to protect or improve teeth that may show when talking or smiling.
Crowns act to shield teeth from further decay and damage because they are made to fit perfectly over a natural tooth. Our dentist will need to clear out any decay and gum disease before a cap can be placed. Serious cavities or tooth fractures that reach the core of the tooth can lead to major oral infection. Decay can still occur underneath a crown, so it is important to take great care of them. Regular visits to our dentist can help to monitor your crown and make sure your smile is free of any decay or infection. 
Weakened enamel can be especially vulnerable to infection, so we recommend dental crowns to prevent serious damage from occurring. Things like poor oral hygiene, a sugary or acidic diet, and even some health conditions can increase someone's chances of developing oral health problems. If you are living with a health condition that could put your oral health at risk, our team may recommend that you protect some weakened teeth with dental caps. 
Dental crowns in Webster Groves MO can also offer patients an opportunity to improve the appearance of their smile. Crowns can be incorporated with other treatments like whitening, partial dentures, or bridges. If you are restoring your smile, dental crowns can be used as anchors to hold other appliances in place. A crown can be attached to a dental implant in order to provide a natural-looking and functional false tooth. Many patients choose to incorporate caps in their smile to repair one or multiple teeth using crowns and other restorative dental appliances. If you need to restore individual or multiple teeth, talk to our dentist about dental crowns.
To learn more about dental crowns in Webster Groves, MO, call our office to schedule a consultation. You can reach our team by calling (314) 962-2747 or to fill out a contact request form directly on our site. We look forward to helping you protect your smile, so call our dentist today!
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