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Both family and general dentists are excellent choices when trying to choose your dental care practitioner. They each have different advantages that can help you live your healthiest life! Our family dentist in Webster Groves, MO recommends that every member of the family comes in for a visit about every six months. Help your family maintain beautiful and healthy smiles by scheduling an appointment with us today! Keep reading to learn more about the differences between a general and a family dentist in Webster Groves, MO.
A general dentist can take care of any basic oral health procedure or treatment, such as a dental cleaning or root canal therapy. General dentists typically treat adult patients and they don't necessarily offer any specialities in-house. That means if you have a specific oral health issue, you may be pointed towards a referral at another office. The benefit of choosing to visit our family dentist in Webster Groves MO is that we offer a wide variety of specialties under one roof. A family dentist serves patients of every age, from infants to senior citizens. That means that we can handle any oral health issue that may arise throughout your lifetime. Choosing to visit a family dentist simplifies your dental care so that everyone in the family can be served at one convenient location. We can even work with families to schedule children all in the same appointment window so that busy parents don't need to manage hectic schedules. Convenience is by far the biggest advantage to choosing to visit a family dentist in Webster Groves MO.
Another great reason to choose a family dentist is that our  team is fully aware of your family's health history. We keep our records up to date and organized throughout your lifetime so that we always have the most recent information. Changes in health can have a dramatic impact on your smile, so maintaining thorough records can be seriously important for your smile. Throughout your relationship with our family dentistry team, you can trust that we are providing you with the most thorough and accurate care possible. We can make the best recommendations for your future treatment based on any previous surgeries, conditions, or oral health complications. This also gives us the opportunity to stay proactive with your dental care and possibly minimize your risk for known oral health complications and risks. Preventative care is always more effective than treating a dental emergency, so a long lasting relationship with our family dentist can help to protect your smile. A general dentist can treat oral health issues as they arise, but they may not know your unique oral health risks based on history. 
To schedule a visit with our family dentist in Webster Groves MO, call our office at (314) 962-2747. We look forward to helping everyone in the family achieve healthy and beautiful smiles, so call today!
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