Caring for Your Bridge or Dental Crowns in Webster Groves, MO

When you are having a crown or bridge placed in your mouth, you could visit the dentist two or three times in the interim. Here are some tips to help you through this time.
Temporary Crowns and Bridges
During your first visit, your teeth are being prepared and your molds are taken. Then, the dentist puts temporary bridges or crowns in the mouth to protect your existing teeth. After your first visit, your mouth will be anesthetized so it might be hard to feel anything for a few hours. Refrain from drinking or eating anything hot until you have feeling back again.
There are times when the temporary crown or bridge will come off. If this happens, simply call the dentist and they will be able to secure it back into the mouth. You don’t want to allow the temporary to remain off or your other teeth could move and compromise the secure fit of your permanent restoration.
To protect the temporary, avoid eating foods that are sticky. This includes gum. In addition, refrain from chewing on anything hard. You can also chew on the side of your mouth where no dental work was done.  
Continue to brush as normal and floss daily. Just don’t pull too hard on the floss or you might dislodge the temporary. 
After Care
After each visit in the process, you may experience some sensitivity concerns, especially to temperature or pressure. This is normal and should relieve itself within a few weeks from when the final bridge or crown is placed. If you have some mild pain, feel free to use an over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol or ibuprofen.
If the bite feels uneven to you or the pain won’t go away, be sure to contact the dentist for a consultation. While things might feel strange for the first few days after each appointment, it shouldn’t continue longer than that. With any unusual sensation that occurs for a longer period of time, it’s important that you see the dentist. 
Remember, now that you have a bridge or dental crowns in Webster Groves, MO in your mouth, it is now more important than ever to care for your teeth. Protect this dental work that you’ve had done and take the steps necessary to have a healthy mouth. 
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